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Business Optimization & Profit Enhancement

Indiba’s Profit Optimization Solution™ is an integrated solution of business case analysis, software-as-a-service, Business Intelligence tools, and professional consulting.

It reaches across your business units to synchronize multiple functions, processes, and information to achieve your company’s profit goals.

When fully implemented, Indiba’s Profit Optimization Solution™ focuses your enterprise to achieve strategic, tactical, commercial, financial, and operational objectives

Why you need a Visiting CFO .?

  • To Optimize your Business & Enhance Profit
  • ​Affrdable Solution & High Quality Service
  • Trusted Independent Advisor
  • 20+ Years of International coprorate Experiance
  • Efficient Company & Effective Leadersgip

Visiting CFO Service

Strategic partners who help manage your business more efficiently to ensure profitable growth without having cost of a full time CFO on your payroll.

Our highly experienced Visiting CFOs work as an integral part of your team, take ownership of your finance function and provide highest quality strategic, management and operational support to grow your business.

Our role is similar to a full time CFO who visits your office, place of business and represents your company as a CFO to your clients, vendors, investors & bankers.

We are flexible in our engagement model depending on client's requirement we tailor the engagement model which ensures success. We are flexible to work as your company Visiting CFO for a longer term starting from IDEA till IPO. Or on a Dedicated or Project Model.

Our Team of Visiting CFO's are from diverse business background. They are good mentor with highest leadership quality and hands-on expertise in delivering the result and exceeding the exception.

When your need a Visiting CFO

  • When your business is growing and you dont have a growth plan. You need a strategic planner who can prepare 5 years strategic plan for your business, Annual operational plan and Budgets for the year with identified KPI and measure to monitor the KPI for success and growth.
  • You started a business and think your company should be more profitable, not very sure which factors are the most important in driving the growth and profitability of your company; how those Key Performance Indicators (KPI) should be tracked and analyzed; how they should affect your strategy.
  • When you have an innovative idea and want to translate your idea into a successful business plan, you need an expert in business and financial who can lead & convert your idea in to a successful business model. You need a Visiting CFO and could benefit from an experienced sounding board for discussing ideas, Strategies and Execution plan.
  • When your financial & Accounting systems or ERP do not produce timely and accurate information for Management reporting & decision-making. And you are spending too much time in accounting and financial management.
  • When your systems that measure operations performance do not produce timely and accurate statistics for the purpose of making informed decisions. You need a Visiting CFO who will use some meaningful financial analysis and tools to help provide appropriate MIS for better decision making.
  • When you feel like your organization may not be structured in the best way to facilitate growth and efficient operation. As a Visiting CFO we do complete organizational restructuring, setting up offshore / onshore holding & Subsidiary company structure, a complete turnaround solution for the company.
  • When you need a Strategic Investor or Investing Partner to provide fund to take your company at next level of growth phase, diversify. Our Visiting CFO will help you getting the Angel Investor, VC, PE partner for your business.
  • When you need Expand your business, looking to diversify, setting up Branches of your business operation all over the country and even abroad, Our Visiting CFO will lead your growth by setting up JV's, Merger & Acquisitions, Franchise partners and businesses in India and abroad.
  • When you need funding for growth and need outside financing and would like access to someone who can negotiate with bankers, vendors, regulators, customers, unions or other outside parties.
  • When you want to have an effective leadership development and Growth plan in your company. Restructure the incentive and compensation structure to help drive performance and avoid expensive turnover.
  • When you are considering selling your company and you want to put your financial house in order, making your company as attractive and valuable as possible.
  • When you are looking for Succession planning for the new management to take over the responsibility of your business.
  • When your policies, procedures and internal controls seem loose and you know you need to tighten them.
  • When you like to practically train you accounting and financial staff on new r existing systems. 
  • P&P and SOP for improved performance.
  • When you would like help identifying risks and opportunities.
  • When you need an experienced part time CFO in India


Taking startups from idea to IPO is becoming the reality at visitingcfo, Entrepreneurship has become the culture of our associates

We help entrepreneur to make their dream to reality.

Our proven Visiting CFOs are equipped with the skills, tools & processes to help you build a culture of success with high performance, Efficiency & Profitable Growth throughout.
Why you need a Visiting CFO ?
An affordable solution to address your all business needs without the expense and challenges of having a full time CFO on your company's payroll
Every Entrepreneur & CEO wants to have top class Finance & Management leader who are experienced, skilled, insightful, and able to see the big picture about the company. This kind of talent is expensive, but the company does not need this kind of talent every day.
Our Visiting CFO Service offers the same quality of talent you want at a fraction of the cost, the cost-effective way to get the executive level help you need for a faster implementation
Our VisitingCFO's acts as a supplement to your executive Finance, Business and leadership team. You get a proven CFO equipped with the skills, tools and processes to help you build a culture of high performance, Efficiency and Profitable Growth throughout.
We ensure providing value added information to the management team, On the basis of which the CEO can take important decision. Our trusted and skilled CFO's will facilitate efficient decision making and allow the CEO to allocate more time in strategy and growing the business.
Our VisitingCFOs are professional advisors who have intimate understanding of your business & company. On the matters of strategic importance where you feel compromising with the ability of your own employees our Independent CFO will always advice which is best for you and your company. We are not your employees, we do not have any competing agenda, and we are not concerned about losing our job or the only source of income. We have other clients. We are professional consultants with independent views on each and every area of your business & Process.
Our Visiting CFO's have over 20+ years of diverse business experience in vastly ranging industries throughout India and around the world which augers well for the positive impact they will have on your business. They are professionally qualified CA, ICWA, CPA, CIMA, CMA & MBA from prestigious institutes and had been working in Corporate MNC's as CFO, Finance Directors, Executive directors or part of the top leadership team.
Services offered as Visiting CFO 


VisitingCFO ’s closely work with the company and management peoples to identify and quantify the important factors which are impacting the business at present and will also affect the future growth and success.
We use that information to prepare financial projections and actionable strategies with action plan and assigned role and responsibility that helps you visualize your company’s future and ensure profitable growth and success. We provide following service to our clients in area of strategic planning, Budgeting and Forecasting.
  • Strategic Business & Corporate Planning
  • Growth & Profitability Planning (Enhanced YOY top & bottom line )
  • Annual Operational planning (AOP)
  • Budgeting & Budgetary Controls
  • Forecasting & Sensitivity Analysis




VisitingCFO’s help & advise entrepreneurs, business owners & Professional to think through the idea of making innovative and improved decision, an out of the box thinking with effective implementation strategy. This advisory service & solution can be for a new idea of business, turnaround solutions, M&A, Restructuring, JV or in the area mentioned below.
  • Developing new and improved business ideas for success.
  • Turnaround solution for the existing business for high performance efficiency & Profitability
  • Corporate Governance & Code of Business Principles
  • Evaluation of existing business to prepare a complete health check report and provide measures for improvements to maximize owner’s Wealth.
  • Organization and Business restructuring
  • Business Valuation and Internal controls
  • International Structuring
  • Private Equity, VC & Equity Funding
  • Debt and Equity funding, Loan and Financing facilities
  • Leading major joint ventures with Win-Win objectives.
  • Mergers and Acquisition (M&A)
  • World class practices and Procedures
  • Performance & process improvements
  • Benchmarking with best in class industry.


VisitingCFO’s have expertise in financial analysis, reporting & MIS. We carefully analyze your financial results looking for trends, clues to operating more efficiently, and information that will assist you in future decision-making. We can similarly analyse your operations. We would identify key operations indicators, and set up systems to track those indicators and measure performance monthly, weekly, or even daily if needed.
  • Financial Planning, analysis and recommendations
  • Board and Management Reporting
  • MIS, Financial statements and Reports
  • Working Capital Management
  • Earnings and Cash flow enhancement
  • Treasury and forex management


VisitingCFO’s helps clients and companies to consistently grow profitable and in order to ensure the consistent growth we perform various accounting and Business health check. We assess all policies and procedures of the company, its internal control and audit system and provide expert recommendation to the management and leadership to improve this at par with world class business practices and Industry standards.
  • Accounting Health check
  • Business Health check
  • Accounting Policies & Procedures
  • Concurrent Audit
  • Internal Controls & Risk Matrix


A successful IPO need expert & Experience team with prior IPO experience but IPO is always a first time experience for any company. Our VisitingCFO’s ensures helping our clients to go for IPO with our expert advisors having hands on IPO & listing experience to successfully lead, Manage the overall IPO process and list your company on the stock exchange.
  • Leading the company to IPO & Public listing
  • Identifying and engaging efficient advisors, Merchant Bankers, Lead managers, underwriters, Financial Advisors, legal, tax and audit advisors.
  • Financial, Legal and Operational due-diligence.
  • Book Building & Developing the detailed Financial & Valuation Model
  • Steering & Coordinating the team & advisors relating to IPO and monitoring their performance
  • Developing Investor Presentations, Ads. & Videos
  • Co-ordinating the Road-Shows for Institutional & retail Investor:
  • Ensuring SEBI, CMA and other Compliances & Reporting post IPO


VisitingCFO offers an innovative business Incubator service for Startups, entrepreneurs & young professional by training them, HOW to Setup & Manage your business and mentoring them to successfully lead the business for success with Profitable Growth. Our VisitingCFO’s offers following business incubator Service:
  • Helping with Basics of business Skills & etiquettes
  • Local regulatory compliance & business formation
  • Intellectual property management, Patents & Copyrights
  • Cloud Computing, accounting/financial management
  • Financial Facilities, banking, loans & Funds
  • Help with presentation skills
  • Providing Links to strategic partners
  • Access to angel investors or venture capital
  • Comprehensive business training programs
  • Advisory boards and mentors
  • Networking activities
  • Marketing assistance
  • Technology commercialization assistance
  • Website & Social media Management skills.


Having full time accounting staff in a company is very common, who handle the day to day transactions of the company. VisitingCFO’s manage these staff members onsite at a frequency determined by the client’s needs. This allows the business owner to focus on other aspects of the business rather than spending time managing the accounting function. We will train the staff, helping them become more knowledgeable and more valuable. We will identify staff members who are in the wrong job, and we can help find suitable replacements.
We offer this service to our clients in all Support function like Accounting, Finance, IT, Human Resource (HR).


Having all accounting records maintained as per local GAAP is mandatory for the companies and business entities. We ensure our clients having a proper GAAP Accounting, each month will be an accurate and a true and fair representation of all financial activity what happened in the month, and each month can be compared to other months in a meaningful way.
This will not only help the companies having a proper accounting as per GAAP but gives a meaning full data to produce a world class MIS and information on the basis of which a better decision can be taken by the Management. Our VisitingCFO’s ensure addressing all areas of transaction processing as follows:
  • Processing of all accounting Transaction as per Indian GAAP / US GAAP / IFRS Reporting
  • Month End Closing Procedures
  • Outsourcing of the Business process to a cost effective and efficient place.
  • Centralization of all support function for the group of companies.
  • Setting up the Shared Service for Finance & Accounts, HR , IT and Business systems
  • Shared Financial Services /KPO, FAAO, BPO
  • Re-structuring of Accounting systems and other business process
  • Conducting internal and Management Audit


ERP implementation is always a first time experience of any company, They just know what is ERP but never have idea which ERP is good for them and can meet their current as well as business requirement of next 10 years. Selecting Wrong ERP and having Failed Implementation is very Common. Our Visiting CFO team ensure selecting the right ERP for the Company and Monitor to have a Successful implementation with assured result.
  • Business Process Consultancy pre ERP selection and implementation.
  • QuickBooks Pro Advisor, Consultant and Implementation Partner.
  • Study of Business requirement to suggest the best ERP / Financial system
  • ERP – Implementation & Project management (SAP & Oracle e-business suite R12)
  • Ensuring optimum level implementation till Go live & post go-live support.
  • IT implementation – Payroll & other HRMS systems
  • EDMS– Enterprise document management system the Multi-level Workflow solution and document management.
  • Automation of Existing business process & work flow
  • Online Approvals and Flow of documents
  • Full automation of support functions of the companies- Finance, Accounting, HR, IT and Business system.
  • Implementation of Enterprise Document and Process Management System
  • Huge cost reduction and Efficiency –Visibility-Control tool.


As a Visiting CFO we work as a business partner to the leadership & management of our client to lead and manage their business for profitable growth.
For mutual win-win business goal & synergetic alliance our Visiting CFO’s engage with our partnering companies in their leadership & Management roles as:
  • Non Executive Director
  • Independent Director
  • Board Member & Share holders


As a Visiting CFO we help our client in headhunting & recruiting best ever talent & expert leadership team, matching their business expansion requirement to lead the journey of successful profitable growth. We specialized in recruiting the position of leadership team, CFO, CEO, CXO and Board Member both Executive & None Executive / Independent.
  • CFO, CEO & CXO Headhunting
  • Interim & Outsourced CFO Placement
  • Full time CFO
  • Executive Coaching and Mentoring
  • Recruitment & Executive Placements
  • Leadership developing
  • Leadership Growth Profiling
  • Entrepreneurship skills and competency development
  • Organizational Development
  • Performance Management
  • Compensation & benefit planning and implementation
  • Grading and rating of skilled manpower
  • Succession Planning and
  • Exit Planning
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